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Will They Ever Learn? Chat Rooms – Running With the Herd, Chasing and Paying Dearly For Rainbows!

There are two regular presences found on the chat rooms; they are dominated by the “living room day traders” whose chances for a loss are stacked against them with the odds playing 1080/1, and they are sprinkled with chat room investors. The first bunch think the stock market is nuts and that its primary purpose

Bang, We’ve Hit Bottom – Fasten Your Seat Belts For the Trip Back

As an objective analyst for the Automobile After-Market Industry as a whole, I am often asked to pull a rabbit out of my bag. Well I don’t have that bag and even less the rabbit to pull from it. That said, my twenty five years in the industry have taught me to never take advice

I’m Sitting Back Watching That Time When Everyone Will Rush OTC-FLKI

The market is not happy, it kicked and moaned most of the time as the news went from bad to worse and people decided to feed up a nasty correction. Everyone is moving to solve the issues which ail the world and this from both sides of our planet. Where’s the sensible approach? Lucky for